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Dive Into Systems: Exercises

Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

We are so grateful to our team of exercise developers for their tireless work in helping create these exercises:
  • Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College
  • John Barr, Ithaca College
  • Sat Garcia, University of San Diego
  • Bill Kerney, Clovis Community College
  • Zachary Kurmas, Grand Valley State University
  • Richard Weiss, The Evergreen State College
  • Bryce Wiedenbeck, Davidson University
Thanks to our students at Swarthmore and West Point who have tested out these exercises, and helped import them into Runestone. We are especially grateful to Jasmine Fan, Yue Zhang, Zhengfei Li, Paulina Trifonova and Rezhwan Kamal.
Thanks also to Brad Miller for his help debugging.